The Power Of A Reset

By Gary Creswell

We push and we push to get to where want to be in life.

We get become stuck, frustrated, stressed, tired, but we continue to push ourselves as many of us believe that the momentum that we’re looking for can only come if we continue to push.

But our minds become clouded and busy as we force ourselves to remain in this mental state.

If we continue in this state we can cause damage through the stress hormones that are released in the body which could lead to long lasting issues such as depression, heart issues, anxiety, skin problems if not addressed.

But what if we stop in those moments?

What if we stop for a moment when we are stuck or frustrated, or stressed, or tired?

What if we forced ourselves to stop in those moments and begin to understand that more good can come from the situation than if we were to push on?

This would allow a reset in the mind to happen and because the mind is connected to the body the body would feel it too.

Creating a moment for reset breaks the pattern of thought that you are currently in. It allows the mind to unravel the thoughts that are racing around in there, blocking the way for new thoughts.

Think of it like when you have a glass full of water. If you try to add more water in it will overflow.

But if you empty out some of the water in the glass you create space for fresh water enter and stay in the glass.

This is the same for your mind. By pausing and letting yourself calm down for the moment and reset you are allowing some of those thoughts to drift away. By having the old thoughts drift away you are creating space for new thoughts to come in that could help move you in the direction that you are trying to go.

But it’s a decision to want to do this. A decision to take the action to pause in the moment.

Even if you just stop to make yourself a fresh drink you are breaking those unhelpful patterns and you are having a complete change in the way you think. The goal is no longer to push yourself through the issue but to now stop and make yourself a drink.

This allows for your mind to shift focus and take in information differently which leads to new thoughts and ideas.

Breaking the pattern is a way of looking after yourself and taking back control of the way you are in the moment.

So do that for yourself and start it today.

Whenever you are stuck. Don’t push, pause. And let the mind serve you by looking after the way you use it.