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My Review of the Lizian Events Staffordshire Well-being Show

“The Wheel of Life” talk.


The Staffordshire Wellbeing Show is still in its infancy in the area and this was only the second one to be held there over the 13th and 14th August.

There is already a great atmosphere and generates a positive buzz among the community members and visitors .

The Wellbeing Show is held at the showground and although I couldn’t get to the first one I’m glad I attended this one. I met some great people and had some amazing conversations. Below is a deeper dive into what I thought of the event


The location was a great venue. The Staffordshire County Showground hall is spacious for plenty of stalls and also leaves plenty of room for visitors to take a walk around without feeling cramped. There were 3 talk rooms and I was able to occupy two of them for around 45 minutes on each day with my talks lasting around 30 minutes and the rest of the time available for questions from the audience.

The rooms were very spacious and with the heat wave underway, the large doors allowed for great air flow.

The event hosts, Lizian Events have also stated that there will be air conditioning at future events here which I thought was great as not only will that keep everyone comfortable but also shows that the event organizers continue to keep the wellbeing of everyone involved as the primary focus.

My stall had plenty of space for me to setup my table, a banner to the side and a whiteboard to the other side to allow for me to conduct coaching sessions at the venue. What I like is the freedom given to setup. The organizers allowed me to do things as I needed (as long as it was safe and within the boundaries) which helped me to feel better prepared and relaxed for the show.

The Talks

I had two talks in my arsenal and made sure, as always, that they were packed with value.

The first talk I did on Saturday was about The Power of Self-Talk. This allowed me to share with the audience my Identity Flow and the 4 influences of state. When discussing the power of self-talk I was also able to share how the smallest of alterations can have the biggest impacts in peoples lives. That voice that’s in your head 24/7 is going to have a huge impact on your actions day to day. Make sure you have this trained to serve you. This is what I focused on during the talk

The second talk was about The Wheel of Life and this was more like a mini workshop with interactive audience participation. I got the audience to map out how balanced they thought their life was by scoring different areas of their lives. Then I gave easy to follow hints, tips, tricks, and strategies to improve on those scores in the areas that need it. This also allowed me to share my brand new ID mapping exercise to help people create a more balanced life while making the change in themselves they need to get the results they want to see.

At the Stall

At my stall I was able to have lots of interesting conversations. For those that were not able to visit my talk I was able to handout The Wheel of Life exercise and walk them through it there and then.

One lady I was also able to help with her anxiety issues that she suffers from during interviews using an NLP strategy which created a fast acting solution to the problem

I was also able to deliver my NEW Rapid Card Coaching Sessions where I use my D.R.E.A.M coaching model along with my cards to enable people to map out what they need to do to create the breakthrough of a problem that they’re currently facing. These are a Lizian Events exclusive and only cost £5. A powerful tool with an immense amount of value for the price. If you visit one of the events I recommend you take up the offer if you’re feeling stuck and frustrated with an issue.

The Life Improvement Academy is now in full swing so I was able to share that with people as well so they could create a FREE account and make use of the FREE courses and ebooks available. This means people can access the help they need for a mindset shift when on the go. You can create a FREE account here.

Future of the Event

Looking ahead I can see only good things for this event.

I believe numbers were impacted because of the heat wave but I noticed that when people arrived they stayed for a long time. With a mix of talks, presentations, demonstrations, therapies and stalls it’s an event that can easily take up someones weekend and leave them feeling inspired, refreshed, and mentally better for it.

I believe the future success of this is down to the fact that the community members and the organizers all want what is best for the visitors. The aim is to have a positive impact on them and I believe as the word spreads of how good of an event this is, the event will have no choice but to grow in both size and popularity and I look forward to seeing this happen.

Future Events

For future events please check out my events page here for more information