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How To Engage The Creative Mind

by Gary Creswell

I was watching a documentary on Netflix the other day called “The Creative Brain” and it got me thinking a little bit about why do we engage this creative mind our selves? I realised this documentary aligns a lot with my fascination of why we do the things we do and why others do things differently. Below is a break down of what I already know with a blend of what I’ve learnt from the documentary.

What is the Creative Mind

The creative mind is something that generates ideas that can be a little outside of the box at times. It’s what allows us to do something differently then what is already there. A lot of the time it blends memory with the idea of a different outcome.

Who/What has a Creative Mind

All humans have the ability to do this but a lot of the wild creatures such as birds or rodents etc do not. This is because the way our brain has evolved. For the animals their input and output parts of the brain are very close to each other. I.e an animal has the input of seeing food and the output is to eat the food.

But as humans ours has a larger space between this. This means that there are many routes from the input to the output process. This allows for different or new ideas to be formed on that way to the output. This is why sometimes people can become indecisive but also gives us more free will. We can imagine multiple outcomes before sending the message of what the output should be.

Why do we engage the creative mind?

There’s normally two main reasons for this. Inspiration or desperation.
When we’re inspired we want to get creative to take action from what we’ve seen. Sometimes we want to replicate something and get creative on how we can get that same outcome with the tool available to us at the time.
When we’re desperate we begin to force ourselves to into a creative state to find ways to get away from the situation that we’re in. If we’re struggling financially we can get creative to either find new ways of making more money or ways to cut back on what we already have.

How to get better insights.

Have you ever tried to think of an answer but you just cant find it no matter how hard you try to think of it? Maybe you knew it once before but for some reason it’s like your mind is letting you down?
Then all of a sudden when you’re not thinking about it later on you suddenly remember what it was you were trying to think of? Frustrating isn’t it? This is normal.
What I personally do is welcome this process now. The frustration comes when my mind feels extremely cloudy or full but I know it’s not normally too long before I have a breakthrough on the issue.

This is because the mind is busy. Think of your mind as a pint glass but its full of water. The tap in your sink is all the new ideas. What happens when we turn on the tap? The pint glass just overflows. It can’t store anymore water or anymore of these new ideas.

The full mind cant capture

new thoughts or ideas.

So how do we fix this? We empty some of the water out of the pint glass and this allows for more water (or new ideas) to be captured in the pint glass)

So how doe this work with our minds?

The frustration and cloudy mind is because your mind is like the full pint glass and it needs emptying. So do something that calms you or changes your thought process. This will also change your emotional condition. For me I find my best breakthroughs come to me when having a shower as my mind is relaxed and not really thinking about a lot.
Of course if I went into the shower expecting and trying to have a breakthrough this would have the opposite impact.


In summary we all have the capability to get creative. But when trying to come up with new ideas or insights, trust the process. Just understand that thoughts are like clouds. They will eventually drift away and disappear no matter how cloudy the day is. So, if your mind is full give it time to clear so new insights can come through.

Empty that pint glass.