How To Change Your Success With Your Environment

By Gary Creswell

The environment has a powerful impact on who you are and who you become.
It can be used as a tool to empower you, not only in the moment, but throughout the rest of your life as long as you’re willing to understand how meaningful your surroundings are.

I’ve heard Dan Pena (an incredibly successful business man) on many occasions state “Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future”. If you surround yourself with successful people (even better if they’re more successful than you are) then you can pick up the habits of success.
Success leaves clues, especially on the trail behind the successful.

You may be thinking but I don’t know anyone successful but you don’thave to know people directly. Look at your social media profile. How many successful people do you know that are on your friends list?
Look at the pages you follow. Think about people who you would class as successful and follow their pages.

Notice the habits, the work, the focus and the consistency. Use this as a model. Model the behaviour and model the success.

Their is no such thing as “overnight success” but what’s important is to think successfully. You need to truly believe in what you are setting out to achieve and the passion is what will make it easier when you face those tough days where you don’t feel like moving forwards.

If you want to create a change in the moment pick up some headphones and listen to podcasts, audiobooks or audio courses from people who have been where you are.

Discover their story and apply those lessons into your own situation.

Don’t be afraid to cut the negativity. If you have friends on there that stops you from posting about what you want to achieve then remove them.

Learn that you are in control of your happiness, future and ultimately your life. It starts with a decision.

Decide you are going to empower yourself.
Focus on those thoughts on success.
Create the life that you deserve.

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